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Stars of the Week and Behaviour

Each week we reward two pupils per class with our STAR OF THE WEEK award. Our pupils can earn this award for their work towards our school values: this can be seen in their work, their behaviour, their effort and for being stars! We have the highest expectations of pupils' behaviour because this allows them to work to achieve their full potential. If you would like to read our behaviour policy, please see the 'School Policies' section under the 'Our School' tab. 

Demonstrating Positive Behaviour:

Be polite and show good manners

Move sensibly, safely and quietly around school

Listen carefully

Always try your best and work hard

Be kind, sharing and showing respect

Look after the classroom, the school and the playground

Be sensible and calm in the dining room

Be sensible and considerate at playtimes

Sit quietly and listen carefully during assemblies

Tell the truth and be honest