As we explore, experience and discover, we grow together in 'life in all its fullness' DREAM BIG - AIM HIGH - ACHIEVE MORE

Vision, Ethos, Values and Intent

Our school vision is: as we explore, experience and discover, we grow together in ‘life in all its fullness’. Our ethos and values are derived from this vision and are integral to the work we do. At Ravensthorpe CE (VC) Junior School, we provide our pupils with a wide range of opportunities and experiences through which they are able to discover more about themselves and the world around them. Our pupils are challenged and supported as they grow together into successful and caring citizens of the world. We are committed to providing a high-quality education; our excellent standards in Reading, Writing and Mathematics are a vital component in allowing our pupils to flourish in all areas of the curriculum. At Ravensthorpe, reading is highly valued as a tool through which our pupils learn about the world and their place in it - our pupils leave us with a love and appreciation of books. The curriculum they receive, alongside the experiences and discoveries they make, ensure that all children at our school are able to move forward in life in all its fullness.

Every member of our community is valued, treated fairly and given equal opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Our Christian values, which are core to our school practice, can be found below. These values are expressed through the following:

  • We always work hard and do our best
  • We work together
  • We treat one another with kindness, having understanding, respect and tolerance for our similarities and our differences
  • We value our experiences and learn from our discoveries
  • We help everyone
  • We strive to achieve in order that we may live varied and full lives

Our Curriculum Intent

We provide an engaging and exciting curriculum to all of our pupils, giving them the opportunity to discover their own interests and talents. Reading, writing and mathematics skills are embedded within all subject areas; reading is prioritised: challenging and inspiring texts provide opportunities to develop independent learners. We ensure that all pupils are provided with varied and enriching opportunities which allow them to take part in new experiences. All of our learners are valued. We have the highest of expectations for all pupils, regardless of their background, learning styles and capabilities. Pupils at Ravensthorpe CE (VC) Junior School have high aspirations for their own futures and leave us well-prepared for the next stage of their education.