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Our History curriculum allows our pupils to not only learn about historical events but also to learn from them. It helps them to be more aware of themselves and their surroundings, to help broaden their minds and to bring history alive.

Throughout their time in school, we help the children to develop their historical knowledge and aid them in their ability to think critically and to analyse past events using an open-mind. The children are taught to identify, understand, use and critique different sources. They are asked to decide what is relevant and discuss their findings.

Our curriculum is designed to help our pupils develop their skills and show progression through school. In Year 3, our pupils examine the local environment in and around Ravensthorpe, comparing it with pictures and other sources from history, describing how Dewsbury has changed over the years. Moving into Year 4, we look at events which happened here in Britain and how they changed our environment and now affect the way in which we live our lives. In Year 5, our pupils are taught to think more deeply about how historical events have changed and shaped the modern world which leads us into Year 6 where we build on the skills and knowledge we have learned over the previous years to think more critically and evaluate the ways in which we learn about history.

History Progression Map

What will my child learn in History in each year group and how does that develop from their work in KS1?