As we explore, experience and discover, we grow together in 'life in all its fullness' DREAM BIG - AIM HIGH - ACHIEVE MORE

Our School Vision

As we explore, experience and discover, we grow together in 'life in all its fullness'. 

Our theologically-rooted Christian vision is at the heart of everything we do. Our every day actions, our curriculum and our policies are firmly based on our vision, which is the building block upon which we have created our school ethos.

Our vision is inclusive. Acutely aware that we are serving a predominantly Muslim community, and knowing we work with a variety of faiths within our school, our vision has been carefully created to ensure that it is inclusive of everyone: every person of every faith grows together within our school and we work hard to achieve the best for everyone.

Our vision drives us. It is what makes Ravensthorpe CE (VC) Junior School unique. As a school, we are a family of pupils, staff and a wider community. We work together to find and provide opportunities for exploration, experience and discovery (please click here for the curriculum intent which outlines how this is achieved throughout our lessons). As a school, we aim to support everyone to achieve so that they may get the best out of life. Pupils, staff members and families learn more and grow so that they may live life in all its fullness.

 Our Christian Values

As a Ravensthorpe family, every Christian value is important to us if we are to grow together in life in all its fullness. Therefore, these values have become a basis for education, growth and celebration throughout our daily lives.