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DT (Design and Technology)

Through our DT curriculum, our young designers and engineers learn to develop their understanding and application of the design process: Research - Design - Make - Evaluate. Pupils research existing products with an increasing awareness of successful production. Following this, their designs evolve from simple drawings with labels of materials, through to detailed diagrams including cross sections, and notes on methods of construction. During the 'Making', our pupils are given the opportunity to select from, and develop their uses of, a variety of materials and ingredients. When approaching the evaluation, they are encouraged to identify the pros and cons of their designs, planning improvements to make their products better.

Our projects include creating exotic sweet packaging, a skyscraper lamp, moon buggies, a personalised phone holder and even participating in our very own Masterchef in order to create a three-course meal (tasted by our very own Headteacher!). 


DT Progression Map

What will my child learn in DT in each year group and how does that develop from their work in KS1?