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Through our Science curriculum, we provide a foundation which supports our pupils' understanding of the world around them. In each year group, our pupils are exposed to both scientific knowledge and scientific enquiry which aids their understanding of progressively complex concepts. Carefully following the National Curriculum, lessons and topics build upon previously-learnt knowledge and skills: in Y3, pupils learn about animals and humans, how to keep healthy and human and animal skeletons; by the end of Y6, pupils understand how diet, lifestyle and exercise impact on body functions as well as learning about the circulatory system.

Our pupils are given the opportunity to conduct up to four scientific enquiries every year using a range of scientific methods: fair testing, comparative testing, pattern seeking, identifying and classifying, research and observing over time. For example, our Y3 pupils test how mighty a magnet can be; Y6 pupils investigate their reflections and also how they inherit different traits; pupils in Y4 even find out why we need spit!

During British Science Week, the children are given further opportunities to be made aware of cultural scientific aspects of the world and study important scientists throughout history.

Science Progression Map

What will my child learn in Science in each year group and how does that develop from their work in KS1?