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Prevent is one strand of the Government’s counter terrorism strategy. The Prevent strategy aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. Prevent addresses all forms of terrorism but prioritises these according to the threat they pose to our national security. Prevent is delivered in partnership by a wide range of organisations including the police service. 

Channel is a multi-agency initiative that uses existing partnership structures and collaboration between partners to help safeguard individuals who are vulnerable to radicalisation, regardless of faith, ethnicity or background. This is similar to the way in which individuals at risk from involvement in crime, drugs and other social issues are supported. By providing support to those most at risk, they can be diverted away from any potential threat, which could otherwise draw them into criminal activity.

The Channel process identifies those most at risk, and refers them via the Local Authority for assessment by a multi-agency panel which decides how to support their vulnerability. 

Channel is about communities working closely in partnership with the Local Authority and police, to divert people away from potential risk at an early stage so that they are not drawn into or drawn back into, terrorist related criminal behaviour.


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