Public Voice

Felicity Sanderson (Workers' Education Association)

I find this school a very vibrant, forward looking establishment. All the staff and pupils look happy and content. The school are also very supportive in enabling their parents and staff to do future education and training.

Mr A Hussain 

Once again please accept my congratulations to you and your tremendous staff who made the assembly a joy to watch. We live in an era where pointing fingers is an easy solution and however praising the work that needs praising is seen as a taboo subject. I have always had full confidence in the school and it's output, this has been re affirmed today after watching the assembly. I can imagine the unsung heroes that made this possible, often working beyond their hours and at home. Again sometimes as a community we are quick to forget the sacrifices you and your staff make for the sake of OUR children. Yes I accept it's a profession and parents will say "it's their job" however the enthusiasm and charisma your staff show daily working with some challenging children and communities is a credit to you and your SLT.

Please pass my thanks on to Miss Ramsden and the rest of the support team who made this possible, the class were outstanding. I just thought it was important to highlight the work as it needed mentioning.

Kind regards

Laibah Amina's Dad

Alison Brumwell, Library Consultant

Just to say thank you all for making Tom, Maz and myself so welcome today when we visited to help launch your new school library.  I hope you enjoyed listening to Tom talk about the process of being a writer and what libraries and books mean to him. You certainly asked many insightful questions and had obviously been discussing Tom’s visit earlier in the week with Mr. Parkin and your class teachers. We appreciated your enthusiasm, maturity and positive attitude throughout the morning.

Make sure you use the school library wisely and well and take the opportunity to invite your parents to come in after school when you borrow books. As Tom says, reading is important in order to succeed academically, but it is also fun and allows you to explore a very wide and interesting world. The only thing better than reading a good book is having the chance to share it with others.

Best wishes for the remainder of the term, and many thanks again.


Tim Pinto, e-safety consultant

I am writing to you regarding my visit to the school on Tuesday. As you will be aware, I delivered e-safety sessions to pupils, parents and staff. I really enjoyed my day and found the school a very warm and welcoming place. The behaviour of the pupils was exemplary, especially as staff had to get over 400 pupils into the hall at separate occasions during the morning.

The relationship between pupils and staff was very positive and all the children knew how to behave well when visitors came to the school. At lunchtime, I talked to many pupils and they were polite and helped me to get to different areas of the school.

It is clear that pupils feel safe and that visitors are treated as part of the school ‘family’.

I wish everyone all the best in the future

Kind Regards,

Tim Pinto

Carl Turner, Ministry of Chocolate 

Just a quick message to say a big thank you to all the children and the staff at Ravensthorpe Junior School – it was a pleasure to teach your year 3 children.

I was really impressed by the behaviour and diligence of the children – they listened exceptionally well, asked great questions and generally wanted to enjoy the workshop and learn about chocolate, which was lovely as it makes it more enjoyable for everyone. I think the day was a huge success! It was obvious to me that the teaching and behaviour standards are very high at Ravensthorpe, and consistent, and this appears to be reflected in achievement from what I read on the screen near the main entrance. Keep up the good work!

Kind regards,

Carl Turner

Minister of Chocolate

Mayor's Visit

Thank you for inviting Carol and myself to your school today. The children were amazing and to your credit. A visit to Huddersfield Town Hall would benefit your older pupils and one that we would welcome. Once again, thank you for a warm welcome and an enjoyable visit.

All the very best,

Cllr Jim Dodds BEM

Mayor's Office

Huddersfield HD1 2TA

School Games Web Officer

We are delighted to inform you that your entry for the school games blog, Reward and Recognition Scheme, written by Lameen Lubsir-Latif, has been ranked as one of the top two blogs in the country. This is completely down to the school's excellence - and Lameen's. As such, you have won a visit from a world class athlete in addition to your Youth Direct Sport Voucher.

Glen Harrington

Youth Sport Trust