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The geography curriculum at Ravensthorpe extends our pupils' knowledge of the world in which they live while also developing their understanding of maps, fieldwork and other important geographical skills, building on the work covered at Key Stage One. Our pupils have frequent exposure to maps at various scales, ensuring that they leave school with an excellent understanding of the world, the U.K. and the specific places studied. They learn about specific regions in the U.K. (Yorkshire and the Humber), Europe (Campania in Italy) and North America (The Southern Uplands in Mexico) and learn to identify similarities and differences in the human and physical geography of those areas.

Our pupils learn about natural phenomena such as earthquakes, volcanoes, rivers and mountains and also how human activities impact on the world. All year groups conduct at least one fieldwork investigation looking at different aspects of the local area (for example, we investigate what types of food can be purchased on Huddersfield Road and how the production and sale of these products impacts on the community and the wider world). These studies encourage our pupils to develop an inquisitive approach to learning which they take with them into the next stage of their education.

Geography Progression Map

What will my child learn in Geography in each year group and how does that develop from their work in KS1?