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If there is anything you wish to know which is not on the website, you can either call in to see us, or use the contact page to get in touch.

Messages to Children

If a situation arises whereby you wish to alter your usual arrangements for your child at lunchtime or after school, and would like a message to be passed on, kindly note the following points:

  • The message must come directly from a parent/guardian.
  • Sufficient time must be allowed for our admin staff to locate your child and relay the message.

Open Evenings

We have two open evenings each year, held in November and March, so that parents can discuss their child's work and progress with the appropriate teachers.  The Headteacher and staff members are also available throughout the year but you are advised to arrange a definite time for interview to avoid interruptions during teaching periods.

Illness and Administration of Medicine

If your child is taken ill at school, we will make her/him as comfortable as possible and contact you. It is essential that you keep us up to date with your contact details if they should change.

Road Safety

Children should cross the roads using the Zebra Crossing in North Road and the Pelican Crossing in Huddersfield Road. Children should use the 'Green Cross Code' at all times and we welcome your continued support with regard to Road Safety and children's safety in general.

Traffic Outside School

If at all possible, please walk your children to school as we do have serious concerns about the level of traffic congestion before and after school and the impact this has on our neighbours. Please follow these few simple rules in order to ensure all our children’s safety:

  • If you do pick up your child by car, please park safely and be aware of pedestrians.
  • Please do not park on the zig-zag lines.
  • Stop your vehicle well away from the school entrance and zig-zag lines.
  • Do not block other vehicles.
  • Do not double park on the road.
  • Do not park on the pavement.

Parents collecting children from the building are asked to keep all children (including younger siblings) under close supervision at all times.

Increasingly, throughout Key Stage 2, children often develop the confidence and independence needed to come to school without parents. However, it is vital that the opportunities for communication between home and school are available. If you have any concerns which cannot be dealt with quickly after school, please telephone and make an appointment to see a member of staff at a mutually convenient time.