World Book Day 2018 Comments

'The work was really good.'

'The children have all done good work - I really enjoyed it.'

'I loved seeing all that effort which the school and the children made. It has been a great experience for me.'

'The work was really good.'

'Good work, I really did like it.'

The children have done good work – nice costumes.'

'I am proud and really happy to see my children's work. They are doing really well at this school.'

'I like my child's work. I am impressed.'

'I was proud to see my child's work. I hope to see more next time.'

'I am very proud of the teachers and of the children's work. Keep up the good work.'

'It's really good - and I appreciated it. There should be more events like this so that you are able to spend time with the children and the teachers.'

'I really enjoyed this event. It gives us an opportunity to see what our children are doing in school.'

'I really liked this event. My child is very happy.'