Puzzle Challenge Days

All children in school had the opportunity to take part in a puzzle challenge day hosted by The Happy Puzzle Company.

The event aimed to develop children’s thinking, reasoning, team and communication skills through solving problems and conquering challenges. The children were genuinely challenged but discovered that they could achieve their goals by using the right strategies and effective teamwork.

Through participating in the fun and energising workshops, the children have developed the confidence to make informed, strategic decisions across the curriculum.

“It was all about working together.” Haider Arfan

“We used teamwork and we were persistent because we wanted to get onto the next exciting challenge.” Sabina Vasilichi

“We enjoyed working as a group and thinking of tactics to get through each puzzle.” Aisza Adewale

“I enjoyed the unusual jigsaw as it was challenging my brain.” Zaara Shazad

You can see how much fun we had by looking at the photos below.

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