Our Values and Ethos

We provide an engaging and exciting curriculum to all of our pupils, giving them the opportunity to discover their own interests and talents. Reading, writing and mathematics skills are embedded within all subject areas; reading is prioritised: challenging and inspiring texts provide opportunities to develop independent learners. We ensure that all pupils are provided with varied and enriching opportunities which allow them to take part in new experiences. All of our learners are valued. We have the highest of expectations for all pupils, regardless of their background, learning styles and capabilities. Pupils at Ravensthorpe CE (VC) Junior School have high aspirations for their own futures and leave us well-prepared for the next stage of their education.



  • To be kind, polite and considerate to other people.
  • To be fair and to help one another.
  • To work hard and do our best.
  • To treat other people as we would like them to treat us.


  • To promote a Christian ethos marked by a welcoming, friendly and caring environment, where children feel secure, behaviour is excellent and everyone is valued.
  • To promote and achieve high standards, by providing high quality teaching and learning.
  • To provide for children’s physical, mental, spiritual, social, moral and cultural needs.
  • To provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment.
  • To ensure all learners benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum, with many opportunities for first-hand experience, practical work and investigation.
  • To enrich the curriculum with educational visits, visitors to school and use of the school environment.
  • To develop the self-esteem of all our children and to provide opportunities for them to contribute to the local and wider communities.
  • To develop positive partnerships between the school, the home and the community. To make our school a place of enjoyment, where success is encouraged, rewarded and celebrated.