Children's Comments


"I can get picked for loads of competitions. This school has made me very healthy."

Fahim Aftab


"I think and know that Ravensthorpe Junior School is the best school I’ve ever been to. I am encouraged and I love lessons a lot."

Ameena Malik


"I like lunchtimes and playtimes because I get to play with my best friends."

Numan Razaq


"Ravensthorpe Junior School is fun because

it’s great."

Laiba Hafeez


"I like everything at this school, it’s brilliant."

Mohammed Rasool


"I like how safe it is. I have been to many schools and this is the best one I have been to."

Dagan Benham


"The thing I like about our school is that we all love each other."

Alishba Bint-Sheraz


"I like Wednesdays because we have games and after school club called Tag Rugby."

Habeeb Maqsood


"They don't let you have sweets - and that's good."

Mahaam Mahmood


"I like this school because the teachers are polite and intelligent. Everyone is caring."

Zayan Ahmed