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Attendance (2017-18) - 94.7% 

Unauthorised Holiday Absence 1.7% 

Absence for Religious Observance 0.5%

Adjusted Attendance 96.9%

Best attendance w/e 9th November 2018

Year 3 - Class 3B           99.5%

Year 4 - Class 4GB         98.7%

Year 5 - Class 5P            98.6%

Year 6 - Classes 6L & 6N        100%

Year 3 and 4

3B 3D 3R 3T 4GB 4P 4R 4W

Autumn 2017-18

94.2% 96.8% 97.0% 95.1% 94.6% 96.3% 94.9% 94.4%

Spring 2017-18

91.9% 94.1% 95.8% 92.6% 94.8% 95.6% 91.2% 95.0%


Year 5 and 6

5L 5P 5R 5S 6GB 6L 6N 6W

Autumn   2017-18

91.9% 94.9% 96.4% 96.8% 97.4% 94.8% 95.7% 98.1%

Spring 2017-18

91.9% 92.5% 94.0% 95.1% 97.6% 94.7% 93.9% 95.6%

Attendance and Academic Achievement

There is a proven link between attendance and academic achievement. Children with good attendance have higher attainment and make better progress than those with poor attendance. Please help us to do the best for your children by making sure they attend school every day - unless they are ill.

Local councils and schools can use various legal powers if your child is missing school without a good reason. You could receive:

  • a Parenting Order
  • an Education Supervision Order
  • a School Attendance Order
  • a Fine (sometimes known as a ‘Penalty Notice’)

We would much prefer to work with you though. If you are having any problems with your child's attendance, please contact school and ask to speak to either Mrs Horne, our safeguarding support officer, or Mr Parkin, the Headteacher.

Penalty Notices

Parents can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice by the school, local authority or police, for their child's non-attendance. The penalty is £60 per parent for each child and this rises to £120 if paid after 21 days but within 28 days of receiving the notice.

There is no right of appeal against a Fixed Penalty Notice. If this is not paid the local authority can proceed to prosecution or withdraw the notice. The local authority can also prosecute parents for non-attendance without issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice.

If you are considering taking your child out of school during term time, you must request this in writing. Following the receipt of your request, you will be invited into school to discuss this with the Headteacher.

Persistent Absentees

Children with attendance below 90% are classed as persistent absentees. We monitor the attendance of all our children. If we are concerned about your child's attendance, you will be invited into school to discuss this with the Attendance and Pupil Support Officer and the Headteacher.


Please click here to see our school attendance policy.


Please click on the link below for more information about school attendance and absence